CACC FENCING CLUB 擊劍社 德立華華美聯誼中心 社團


Learn and practice the Olympic Sport of Fencing at the CACC Fencing Club from United States Fencing Coaches Association Certified Instructors

Fencing... fastest sport in the world!

Fencing is called "physical chess" because of the strategy and mental agility required to outwit ones opponent. Instead of using a chess piece, the fencer uses his weapon, his mind and body to gain the upper hand over his opponent.

Learning How to Fence

Fencing at CACC is taught by US Fencing Coaches Association certified coaches who has passed rigorous written and practical examinations. The USFCA certified coach is a professional member of USA Fencing. Class participation requires USA Fencing noncompetitive membership ($10 per season).

The Fencing Class

The class environment is a fun way to get exposure to fencing basics, learn how to execute fencing actions, and apply tactics. The group environment teaches fencers how to work with each other. The fencer learns to work with a variety of styles and physical abilities. Cooperation when training is critical. One improves when everyone improves.

What does Fencing develop?

  • Confidence, resiliency, tenacity
  • Discipline, self-motivation
  • Body control and awareness
  • Nimble thinking and decision making
  • Team building and leadership skills
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Each of these attributes can be acquired and improved through fencing with a competent coach. Fencing can be life altering.
  • Fencing is a combat sport and a martial art. Through fencing you learn how to face challenges, solve problems and gain confidence.
  • In the very competitive world of acceptance into college, an accomplished sabre fencer has a much greater chance of being accepted into a top school than from any other sport.
  • The fencing community is international. Fencers make friends from all over the world.

Location of Class

CACC Gym, 1313 Little Baltimore Rd.
Hockessin, DE 19707

Club Chair Contact
Wynn Shi at
Our Coach
Maitre de Sabre Wang Yung (

1 hr. class for beginner $300/15 weeks per session

1.5 hr. class for experienced fencer $450/15 weeks per session

Wednesday, Spring session begins 3rd Wed of Jan; Fall session 3rd Wed of Sept
6 - 7 pm beginner, 6 - 7:30 pm experienced
8 years and up
Requirement of Equipment

Experienced fencers need purchase his/her own equipment:

A set of Foil, Mask, Glove, Jacket and Equipment Bag.

Beginners need to purchase mask and glove. 


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Annual Registration

Mandatory CACC Annual Membership Sept-Aug

Adult fencer pays Individual CACC membership fee Fencer in 3 to 12 grade pays Family CACC membership fee

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