德立華華美聯誼中心 社團


CACC is the home to more than twenty activity clubs - and anyone is welcome to join! Please contact the club directors or the CACC office if you would like more information or to sign up.

The operations of the CACC clubs are governed under the "CACC Policies and Rules for Clubs" document. You can view or download it here.

CACC Club Space Request Form is available.

Our Clubs

Aerobic Exercise 有氧健身社
Ballroom Dance 社交舞社
Basketball 籃球社
Chat & Learn 交談社
Children’s Dance 兒童民族舞蹈社
Chorus (Zhi-Yin) 知音合唱團
Cooking 美飴社
Dance Exercise 舞蹈韻律社
Dragon and Lion Dance 舞龍舞獅社
Evergreen 長青社
Folk Dance Troupe 青少年民族舞蹈社
Games 競技社
Hiking, Biking and Dining Club 徒步單騎社
Karaoke 卡拉OK社
Table Tennis 乒乓球社
Tai Chi Club 太極社
Yo Yo 扯鈴社
Chinese School of Delaware 德立華中文學校